Wednesday, 25 March 2015

How to Backup and Restore Contacts on your Android Phone

Method 1: Backup your Android phone’s Contacts on your Google account

This is the most easiest method to backup your android phone’s contacts . If you follow this method then all your contacts will be merged with your Google account and they will be automatically restored every time you associate your Gmail account on a new phone. Follow these instructions below to backup your contacts with your Google Account .
Open the contacts app on your Android phone and from the options and select “merge with Google “ . Its as simple as that and all the contacts from your androidphone will be merged with your Google account  now . The next time you change your phone , you just need to associate your Gmail account on your Android phone and all your contacts will be automatically updated .

Method 2: Using Super backup to Backup your Contacts and Messages

Super backup does the same job as backing up and exporting your contacts through a .Vcf file , which can be later used to restore your contacts  . Although your Androidphone already has this feature built in , Super backup provides an additional useful feature for forwarding the contact backup as a mail .  Which can be used to keep a backup of your contacts in your email account .
All in all , its a free app and using it is very easy . Further Super backup even allows you to backup SMS messages , Apps , Call logs , Calendars and bookmarks . Follow these instructions to backup your contacts using Super backup .
  • Step 2: Select Contacts backup and on the next screen tap on the backup button .
  • Step 3: Now give a name for your contact backup file or otherwise leave it as it is and tap on Ok . Wait for a few seconds till the app creates a backup of your contacts .
  • Step 4: Next you will be prompted with an option to send your contact backup as a mail . Tap on OK and select any email app to send your contact backup as a mail .

How to Restore your Contacts on an Android phone

Restoring contacts from a .vcf file is very easy on an Android phone . If you need to restore your contacts backup , simply copy over the .vcf file on your Android phone tap on it to start the contacts importing process . Take a look on the screenshots below .
Although The first method itself is more than enough to backup your Contacts , but if you want to move your contacts to another phone then the second method might come very handy .

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