Monday, 16 March 2015

How To Completely Disable KMPlayer Games And Ads.

KMPlayer is a popular media player available for Windows operating system. Although it’s not as powerful and popular as VLC Media Player, it’s certainly one of the best free media playing software out there for Windows.
Those of you who have installed recent versions of KMPlayer probably have noticed ads and games that appear when you launch KMPlayer. In simple words, the sidebar that starts along with KMPlayer shows ads and some games. This sidebar containing ads and games appears only when you launch the KMPlayer and can be easily closed by clicking the Close button that appears at the upper right-corner of the sidebar.

Remove KMPlayer games and ads

Method 1
Step 1: Open Internet Explorer browser.
Step 2: Navigate to Tools menu and then click Internet Options to open the same.
Disable KMPlayer games and ads step1
Tech BD
Step 3: Here, click on the Security tab.
Step 4: Under, Select a zone to view or change security settings, please click on Restricted sites icon. Now, click the Sites button located next to Restricted sites.
Disable KMPlayer games and ads step2
Step 5: Under Add this website to the zone, enter and then click Add button. Close the dialog. Finally click Apply button that you see on Internet Options dialog.
Disable KMPlayer games and ads step3
Launch KMPlayer to see the clean and beautiful KMPlayer without annoying games and ads.
Method 2
Step 1: Open Notepad program as administrator. To do so, type Notepad in Start menu (Windows 7/Windows 10) or Start screen (Windows 8/Windows 10) search box and then simultaneously press Ctrl+Shift+Enter keys to open Notepad as administrator.
Alternatively, you can navigate to the Notepad program in Start menu or Start screen, right-click on Notepad and then click Run as administrator option.
Disable KMPlayer games and ads step31
Step 2: Once Notepad is launched with admin rights, click the File menu and then click Open option (you can also use Ctrl+O) to see Open dialog box.
Disable KMPlayer games and ads step5
Here, navigate to:
C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc folder (where “C” is your Windows installed drive), change file type to All files (see below picture) and then open the Hosts file.
Disable KMPlayer games and ads step4
Step 3: At the end of the Hosts file, add the following URL (see picture for reference):
Disable KMPlayer games and ads step6
Step 4: Finally click the File menu and then click Save button or simply press Ctrl+S button to save the edited file. This will block KMPlayer from accessing the media server which is very much required to serve ads and games.
Note that if the Notepad is asking you to create a new file when you click the Save button, it’s because you’re not running Notepad as administrator. Carefully follow the instructions in Step 1 again of this method to open Notepad as admin.


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