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Share files folder devices printers in peer to peer workgroup network

We have configured workgroup network. Now in this article we would share file, folder and printer in workgroup network. In Window XP home edition we only have Simple File Sharing option which does not allow us to password protect the shared resources. In Window XP professional we could use advance file sharing to password protect the shared resources.

Enable Simple File Sharing on Windows XP Professional

Simple file sharing is the only available option in XP home edition and its also selected as default option in professional edition. So we would use simple file sharing in our example. On Xp professional you could check simple file sharing status by going to the Tools menu in Windows Explorer and selecting Folder Options.
folder options
Select the View tab and scroll to the bottom of the options. Check the box next to Use Simple File Sharing Recommended.
Folder Option Properties
Trick :- how can we use special file sharing permission in workgroup ?
Ans. Just uncheck this option

Share file and folder in workgroup network

Right click on the folder which you want to share and select Sharing and Security
You may get following window if file sharing is not enabled yet. Click on "If you understand the security risks but want to share files without running the wizard, click here."
For security reason it would prompt you to use Network Setup Wizard to enable file and sharing. See our previous article if you would like to use Network Setup Wizard. Select Just Enable File Sharing
Default sharing mode is read only. In read only mode users can see the shared files and folders but they would not allow to modify them. Click on the check box next to Allow Network Users To Change My Files. and click on ok.
A hand would appear just under the folder once it is shared.
To view this shared folder on other workgroup computer open my network. In my network place you would see all computers of workgroup network. Open the computer from which you have just shared the folder .

How to share printer in workgroup network

  • Local printer is the printer that is attached with system directly.
  • Network printer is the printer that is attached with other system and use local printer via network.

Installing Local printer

Local printer is required before you share it on network. To install local printer connect it with system. And check it in printer and fax. Start ==> Setting ==> printer and faxes
If you did not see any printer here it means system has not detected the printer yet. You need to install it manually. Click on add a printer
This will launch add printer wizard
Select Local printer attached to this computer
Select the port on which you have attached the printer
Select the manufacturer and model of your printer. if you have printer driver CD then use have disk options
give any name to your printer for example OfficePrinter, LabPrinter, any thing that is close to your specification
If you want to print test page then choose Yes otherwise select No
Click on Finish to complete the Wizard
Before sharing on network it's best practice to test the printer. Do some printing.

Share Printer in workgroup network

Sharing a printer is similar to sharing the folder.
Right-click on the printer and select Sharing.
You will see the following dialog box. Click on If you understand the security risks.................
Select Share This Printer. Provide a name for the shared printer and Click OK
sharing hand will appear under your printer

Installing Network printer

Network printer will be installed on all other computers. To install a network printer
Start ==> Setting ==> printer and faxes ==> Add a printer ==> Select Network printer
If you know the exact path of printer than type it otherwise Select Browse for a printer
Select the printer
If you want to print test page than choose Yes otherwise select No
Click on Finish to complete the Wizard
Click on finish. Now you have installed the network printer. You could make it default printer. Right click on printer and select make it default.


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