Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Wise System Monitor (a free Windows utilities to monitor process, hardware and network traffic.)

Windows 7 or Vista operating system has several desktop program or gadget. Many of these gadgets, according to the information system. Although such a tool in the Windows 8 system resources as an alternative to monitor the current status of the computer can be observed. With the help of instant information on a variety of computers, such as CPU usage, temperature, how much RAM and network bandwidth is being used, it can be seen. Again, without the cost of third-party software is available for some of the work.

Windows has its own resources to monitor the use of facilities at the bottom right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager to. Then click the Performance tab, click Resource Monitor option. Stuck in the taskbar in Windows 8 (PIN) can hold. Window size is small and can be kept in the form of gadget or app.

Wise System Monitor to do exactly the same as the value of free software. This facility can be found in more than a resource monitor. This is when the computer after installing the current network speed, RAM, CPU, temperature, including a small floating times. Clicking on this option allows the computer to know more details on the immediate situation. The maximum speed of the Internet, a program was how to upload data, no program has occupied much RAM, what process is using sipiiuyera how much power can be seen at all with it. The program can be found at the web address http://goo.gl/vaiTPP. 142 MB in size.

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