Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Stop Others From Using Your Wi-Fi Connection

Wi-Fi is one of the most preferred internet connection for mobile/laptop users. The most worst situation is others being used your Wi-Fi connection.
And there are many ways to stop them using your Wi-Fi. But the most preferred way is to find out their WI-Fi MAC address and kick out them. There are many tools available in Google Play Store to find Who is connected to our Wi-Fi.  But this app only allows us to find their MAC address with their device name.

If all of your friends are paying for the Internet connection, then you can’t stop them to use the connection. It’s better to block their connection for a while and re-grant access after finishing your work. To perform the setup, you don’t have to do a big task. Let’s know how to stop others from using WiFi from your Android device.
There is a software app called WiFiKill which lets you to kick out the connected devices to the router.


NOTE: This works only on Rooted Android Device.

To install WiFikill make sure that you have enabled “Unknown sources” installation. If not, then enable it by going Settings >> Security and tick on “Unknown sources”. 
  • Open WiFiKill and click on Start button to search devices which are connected to the Wi-Fi network. Now time to grant Super user access, if you are not granted previously. After granting access, WiFikill is ready to scan devices.
  • After complete scanning, you will see the list of devices on your network. It also shows, which device is accessing which website. You can simply check how much bandwidth is using in every single device.
    Stop Others from Using WiFi
    To stop a person, you just have to tap on that IP, grab it and kill it. You can also kill all devices by grabbing all IPs at once.

It is not good to block others from a public network. You can do it in your private connection and do this prank with your friends.


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