Tuesday, 4 October 2016

How to send a Facebook message without Facebook Messenger: Avoid using the Facebook Messenger app on your Android or iOS device

How to send a Facebook message without Facebook messenger: Use the web browser


It’s been awhile since Facebook separated out its Message service from the main app. Not everybody is thrilled with the need to use two apps, and the recent move for Messenger to become the default SMS app on smartphones, sometimes against the will of Android users, has led many to consider removing the app altogether. In this feature we’ll show you how to live without the Messenger app and still use the service.


While it tries very hard not to be helpful, the web version of Facebook is still a possible route for those who want to use the Facebook Messenger service without actually having the app installed. In truth though it’s far from a seamless experience as it does its level best to be disruptive enough to force you onto the app. If you’re determined to use it though you should open a browser on your phone and navigate to the Facebook website.
On the main page you’ll see the standard options across the top for your Timeline, Friends, Conversations, Notifications, and Search. Obviously the one we’re after is Conversations. Tapping this will immediately inform you that Messenger has moved and then open the Google Play Store at the Facebook Messenger page.

in the meanwhile most of us are using mobile brower, chrome to be specific, while attempting to view your inbox it will prompt you to install messenger, you can cancel it, then from your chrome menu opt to request the desktop version of facebook.



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