Friday, 7 October 2016

How to Transfer Skype Chat History from One Computer to Another !!!


This guide worked on Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 7 and XP. Useful for both Skype Desktop and Skype App versions.

  • We are going to copy the chat history database (main.db) file from source computer.
  • Install Skype on your new computer.
  • Transfer database file to new computer’s

Transfer Skype Chat History

To back up your Skype for Windows desktop configuration and history files, please go to C:\Documents and Settings\your_windows_username\Application Data\Skype\or on Windows 7/Vista and Windows 8C:\Users\your_windows_username\AppData\Roaming\Skype and copy this directory somewhere safe (for example, save in a USB key or burn to a CD).
Copy the files back to that location to restore your data.
Please note: Your contact list is stored on our servers and will not be lost as long as you always sign in with the same Skype Name. Instant message histories and other data are only stored on our servers for a short time.

Now go to your computer where you want to transfer chat history. Install Skype on it and log-in to Skype, the reason of logging into it is Skype needs to create some user specific folder. After successful log-in, sign-out from Skype and quit it.

Perform Step-1 or Steps-1.1 according to your Skype version. Open folder named as your Skype username. Replace the main.db file with the file that you have transferred from previous computer in step-2.
Now log-in to your Skype and your will see all previous history is available.

Skype Chat history settings:
If you want to clear all the chat history of Skype from computer or just want to keep history for a Week, Month, 3 mothes do the following steps.
Open Skype window, click on Tools menu > Options > IM & SMS > Show advanced options button. Click on drop-down menu as show below and select you desire settings.
Click on Clear history button to clear all your chat history for computer.



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