Saturday, 5 November 2016

How to shut down your PC at a set time !!

Turn it off, like a ninja

RTG Ninja Shutdown 
RTG Ninja Shutdown is a single window, portable app created by India-based developer Priyanshu Kumar. After you download it as a ZIP file from Kumar’s website, extract the folder and keep it somewhere handy, like your Documents folder. Whenever you need to use it, just double-click the EXE file and the program appears.
Everything is pretty self-explanatory. You want to be on the Offline Mode tab. Then choose the hour, minute, second, and AM/PM option that you want. A key thing to remember here is that RTG Ninja won’t work if you don’t fill out all four fields. So make sure you set your seconds option even if you’re only setting it to zero.
Then choose the radio button for the option you want, which can be to Shutdown, Restart, or Log off.
Now click Set and you’re done. If you don’t want to keep the window open click Hide to keep it out of the way (or to surprise your kids if you’re limiting computer time).
RTG Ninja also has an “online mode” that allows you to set a shutdown time remotely, but I didn’t explore that option as it requires interfacing with the developer’s server. Personally, I’d rather just keep it local.

Simple Shutdown Timer

Simple Shutdown Timer
Believe it or not, you can get even simpler than RTG Ninja Shutdown with PCWinTech’s Simple Shutdown Timer.
As you can see in the image to the left, this program is ridiculously small. It would be nice if it had an option to expand the window, but it doesn’t.
With this app all you have to do is set how long you want your computer to run, filling out the hours, minutes, and seconds text entry boxes. Then click the drop-down menu and decide whether you want the PC to log off your account, reboot, shutdown, hibernate, or sleep.
Then just click Start, the timer begins counting down.

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