Tuesday, 24 May 2016

How to use Windows Steps Recorder !!

Steps Recorder has been around since Windows 7 and you can use it like a screen recorder to get help troubleshooting a problem… or even make your own How To guides.

Either type Steps Recorder or psr into the search box and press Enter. Steps Recorder will appear.

 The interface is simple and has three main options: start, stop and add comment. To start recording your screen (both will be recorded if you have dual screens) simply press Start Record. This turns into a Pause Record button.

 Now do whatever it is you need to do to demonstrate something in Windows, whether that’s replicating a crash in a particular program or even showing someone how to achieve something in an application.

 When you’re done, click Stop Record. Everything you did will be shown step by step with screenshots and accompanying text, explaining what you did, such as left-clicking on a menu option.



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